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I found a charge on my phone bill for something i did't order or do . I am not working right now and I watch my bills closely and I cannot believe Verizon would let them do that.

I am going to school to be a legal assistant and I think this is something we can look up and maybe take it to a real lawyer. I happen to know quite a few lawyers here in town and a judge. Someone needs to do something about this company.

You can't even get a hold of someone to complain about the charges. What does that say about the company?

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My name is xxxxx. I just recently experienced a fraudulent charge on my At&t bill in the amount of $13.92 from a company going by the name of OAN Services Inc. At around 10:30 this morning I discussed this fraudulent charge with a customer service representative from At&t. At&t has since credited my account in the amount of $13.92, is disputing the false charge with OAN Services inc. and is putting a block on my land line to prevent further "false" charges from accruing. That all is fine.

Here is my concern: I "googled" OAN Services Inc. last night and saw an incredible amount of complaints against OAN Services Inc. regarding their fraudulent billing and scam tactics against many U.S. citizens. It is a known fact that terrorists like to "hit people in their pocket books" and that is exactly what OAN Services Inc is doing. As a responsible U.S. citizen and tax payer, I believe I am exercising my right in requesting that the F.B.I. fully investigate OAN Services Inc. Please find out why there are so many fraudulent charges by OAN Services Inc. to innocent American citizens. Hopefully a full investigation will prevent all innocent citizens from being ripped-off in the future.

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